What is National Estimator?

National Estimator is a construction estimating software program that works like a book. It is the software engine that drives the Craftsman construction estimating databases.

Databases that use the National Estimator program:
National Construction Estimator
National Home Improvement Estimator
National Repair & Remodeling Estimator
National Renovation and Insurance Repair Estimator
National Electrical Estimator
National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator
National Painting Cost Estimator
National Earthwork & Heavy Construction Estimator
National Framing & Finish Carpentry Estimator
National Concrete & Masonry Estimator

Because National Estimator is a software program that works like a book, you'll find the construction items you need by looking in costbook database, either by using the electronic index, or by scrolling through each page. The electonic index can help you find construction items quickly, by typing in a keyword. It then gives you the index options. Click on those options and you are taken to the page in the database for that construction item.

Once you find the construction cost estimate you want you copy them from the database (the top half of your screen) to your estimate (the bottom half of your screen). Change the quantity and the costs are extended and columns totaled automatically.You can:
  • Change any price or quantity of any construction material in the construction estimate window.
  • It's easy to add new lines or even entire sections to the database.
  • Set your own labor rates, overhead and profit.
  • Enter your actual construction material costs.
  • Type right into an estimate a description or cost you choose.
  • Create a specialized costbook database for each type of work you handle (such as remodeling, bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, insurance repair work, or change orders.)
  • Add the markup and profit of your choice
Then either print the completed estimate directly or transfer it to MS Word or Excel.

National Estimator Tutorial

Click the above image to view the entire tutorial (you can stop it anytime).

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